tiger Exclusive


  Number of Travelers:   

Exclusive Tiger Trips is for maximum 4 guests, except particular departure is reserved by a family, filming team, single group & a single or double person in advance by bearing the extra costs, if the trip is not sold out.

Unique Features:

•  Exclusively accompanied throughout by Vivek Sharma.
•  Not more than 4 participants at single departure date.
•  Full day safari from dawn to dusk.
•  Dedicated Personal 4x4 open safari vehicle.
•  Personal 4x4 air conditioned vehicle for transfers.
•  Train journeys in personal coupe with comfort of 1st AC.
•  Elephant safaris into the Reserves.
•  Guided nature walks through flora, fauna and wildlife to study biodiversity in addition     to orient you through the socio - cultural diversity of the surrounding villages.
•  Picnics in wooded areas & exotic places.
•  Intimate lodges with exclusive attention.
•  Astronomy - star gazing through telescope.
•  Direct Support to Tiger conservation.