Tour Expert Ysbrand Brouwers

Ysbrand Brouwers

Founder and artistic director of Wildlife Art Promotion, (WAP) since 1978 and Artists for Nature Foundation, (ANF) since 1990. With ANF he has organised 13 conservation projects in 16 years world wide, resulted in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA . 11 project books including a popular book on India called Tigers and 4 project videos have been published and released ever since. ANF has worked together with over 130 artists from more than 25 countries in collaboration with organisations like WWF, Bird life International, The Wildlife Trust, Clean Water Alliance, Glasgow Museums and Galleries, And Bosques Sin Fronteras. He is keen birder, photographer, art collector, gardener and a cook who tries to subsist from the land as much as he can.

tour Expert Dr. manuela Seifert

Dr. Manuela Seifert

Is Biologist grew up in South America and lived for a long time in Switzerland . There she studied biology and was trained as a field ornithologist and excursion guide. From 1992 until 2000 she directed a Conservation and Environmental Education Centre near the Nature Park Monfragüe, Extremadura/Spain. She has been guiding trips to South and Central America , Europe , Africa and India since 1985. Since 2000 she is scientific director of ANF, and head of the ANF environmental education program. .

Expert Vivek M Sharma

Vivek M Sharma

Naturalist and a passionate tiger conservationist, he heads the ANF tiger conservation Program in Kanha & Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves which involves working with local schools to generate wildlife awareness. Actively involved in in-depth monitoring of Tiger movements in Kanha & Bandhavgarh , Vivek interacts constantly with traditional cattle herders and villagers in order to find methods of reducing conflict between Tiger and people. His photographic work has been published in BBC wildlife publications ( ). He has survived many close encounters with tigers - my encounters in the wild . Vivek will share his passion for wildlife and his experiences of living in Tiger Reserve.

Rekha Sharma

Radhika Sharma

Born on 17th July, 1975 at Agra, the famous ‘Taj’ city of India, she completed her Masters in Biology from Agra University (also known as Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University). Radhika is an excellent office executive–cum–organizer and excels at maintaining client records and relishes serving clients, her dedication to the job helps maximise value for clients. She is a great organiser and her efficiency has won her a place in all her clients’ hearts.

After marring Vivek, a trained naturalist, nature guide & conservationist, her knowledge about Indian nature, environment and conservation has increased. Whenever the need arises, she takes active part in guiding clients on cultural trips or nature trips into the heart of the Indian jungle. Radhika today utilizes her spare time to study Geography so that she has a better understanding of India. Her devotion and persistent efforts towards her profession makes her one of the best office managers in the trade, she is today also very apt at acting as a nature and culture guide. She possesses a thorough knowledge about Indian nature, culture, heritage, tribals and has in-depth knowledge on various important geographical routes to and from India.


Rich Thomas & Cheryl Herrington

Rich Thomas & Cheryl Herrington

Part time photographer Rich and his partner Cheryl are passionate about wildlife and travel. They are based in the UK, have travelled extensively and in recent years have spent many weeks in India in search of and watching Indian wildlife. During these trips Rich & Cheryl have made many friends and have had many wonderful and intimate sightings of one of the world's most beautiful animals, the Royal Bengal Tiger. Although it may seem that they have become addicted to watching tigers they will tell you that India and its wildlife has much more to offer. On their escorted trips Rich & Cheryl will share their experiences and knowledge of India , its wildlife, culture and cuisine with their guests. Rich will also offer photographic hints and tips and is always happy to show some of his images. Rich has an ever growing library of photographic images some of which you can see on his web-site, and is currently working on a book project on Bandhavgarh.


Sandip Chaudhuri India

Sandip Chaudhuri

The only 'amateur naturalist' in our team Sandip has always been fascinated by the wild from a very young age. As head of Tigerexpedition projects he oversees the workings of the group from Calcutta and is closely associated with Vivek and Rekha in all projects undertaken by the organisation, he does bring the 'corporate-professional' touch to an organisation devoted to the conservation of the wild. Born and brought up in the tea estates of North Bengal he has observed wild life at close quarters from a very young age and has the unique experience of having played with a Leopard cub as a child, tearfully having to give it up to a zoo in India . Having grown up with 23 chickens, 6 rabbits, 4 swans, 3 ducks, 8 cows, one goat, a tortoise and 3 dogs Sandip's wild streak has never left him. A Marketing & Communication specialist by profession, Sandip is fiercely passionate about conservation of the Indian forests and is intensely passionate about the Big four in India - Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants and the Asiatic Lion Over the years Sandip has visited most of the National Parks in the country with Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Nagerhole (Kabini) being his favourite. His most cherished moments have been when 3 elephants (2 adults + a calf) charged their vehicle at Nagerhole National Park; having spent a whole hour watching a tigress and her 3 cubs play at a waterhole at Bandhavgarh and following another tigress and her two cubs for a full 3 hours at the same aforementioned Park. A keen amateur photographer Sandip today has written numerous articles and speaks at various forums on the importance of conservation of the Indian jungles and its animals, especially the Royal Bengal Tiger. Tigers are his 'pet' subject and he can carry on speaking to you about them hours on end.