Accommodation & Services Offered

SERVICES : Welcome & Assistance :

As per Indian belief, guest should be given all possible compliments & assistance; they are known as the individual sent by the God. We, personally Welcome our guests at International Air Port for proper guidance and personal care with all the possible assistance. The Exclusive or Expert led Expeditions are specially received & hosted by designated expert and accompanied throughout the stay of guest from landing to takeoff from International airports in India.

Currency Exchange :

We provide our guests in exchange an amount of Rs.5000 (Indian rupees five thousand) to immediately after greetings at International Air Port to enable them to meet with their personal expenditures so that they do not come across any difficulty in currency exchange. We also provide the exchange of any said amount asked by our guest before hand as per actual exchange rates.

Credit cards :

Nature of our Expeditions mostly restrict us to very remote areas where credit cards and foreign currency exchange is not feasible. This facility is restricted only up to Delhi , Agra and other cities of India , to ease the problem we have arranged to provide you the exchange as per actual rate of exchange from any currency note.

Contacts :

Dear guests, you have a permanent address in India which is our headquarters see contact us. You, your friends, your relatives or any person wish to visit you or us by Email or telephone, can do at any moment as the office is functional 24 hours basis. Tiger expeditions maintain a complete track of your where about will liaise with you soon ,any message is received.
In addition to this our all experts have the facilities of Satellite - Cum-Mobile Phone like Mr. Vivek Sharma holds (ISD Facility) Satellite - Cum-Mobile Phone. This Mobile Phone number is +91-9425331231. Guest can use this numbered hand set for receiving & making calls to their family and friends from Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks at very reasonable actual rates.

Reconfirmation your Return International Flights :

Reconfirmation of your International return flight is done by our office as per the details you furnished to us in our booking form. nevertheless, in case of any Problem , our office will approach you directly for seeking clarifications.

Departures :

We, personally assist our guests up to International Air Port when they depart us. We wait out side the Air Port because of security restriction till the time our guests get final boarding pass. As per our Expedition's Norms, we keep contacting our guest either by means of telephone or via e-mail until they reach to their destination. So the guests are requested to kindly release a courtesy message to us on their reaching to home.

Accommodation :

All the accommodations are Charming individual well appointed cottages/rooms with personal Ensuite bathrooms with twin hand basins. Indoor shower, bath, separate w.c. and all the facilities needed from western standards with Ceiling fans and air conditioning. And separate restaurant & best available facilities available in the vicinity.
In Delhi : Delhi , the capital city of India is a mixture of the ancient and the modern civilization. Rich with culture, architecture and human diversity, deep in history, monuments, museums, galleries, gardens and exotic shows. Delhi - is a travel hub of India . We provide accommodation only in very selected five Star rating hotels to enable our guests to have complete relax and to recover from jet leg soon they land at Delhi from International Flights . Similar standard hotels prior to outward flights at departure with refined luxury accommodation, personal touches and superior amenities and services .We also ensure that they are accommodated in vicinity of urban junctions, markets and near the area full of activities but totally in peaceful and private comfortable accommodation. Generally we choose hotel The Park, located at Janpath, New Delhi or similar standard . A hotel in busy urban junction, its spacious banquet halls, restaurants all bustle with activity. The accommodation consisting of 224 room, 25 deluxe room and Deluxe suites are models of refined luxury, personal touches and superior amenities and services.

In Trains :

Indian Railways are the largest rail network in Asia and world's second largest. The country has diverse geographically far located places which are connected to each other by High speed super fast trains. We decide our journey only by high speed super fast trains. Our guests are traveling only in Ist AC railway compartment which are pre reserved for Tiger Expeditions. First AC coupe has 2 to 4 berths where one can sit and sleep like a private room which has locking device from inside & separate bathroom for each coupe. The picnic dinner & drinks are arranged for train journeys.

In Bandhavgarh & Kanha :

We are committed to provide best accommodation for our visiting guests coming to the Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks which is nearest to the park and ecologically most viable camp. The camp have all the basic facilities to ensure the comfort of the guests apart from this 24 hours facilities of spot medical aid, conveyance and 24 hrs power supply and air conditioned room in summers when the temperature is 44 degree centigrade. In the evening, we go for bird watching, nature walks and we avail benefit of being in the buffer area by watching nocturnal birds (various species of owls) and mammals (porcupine) during night.

Vehicles/Elephant Safari :

We provide Dedicated Personal 4x4 open safari vehicle at your arrival in the Reserve till you leave f or our guests for trekking tigers and excursions into the park and also elephant safaris as and when elephants are able to find the location of tigers in the forest in addition to this we also use elephants for trekking tigers and viewing deeper parts of the forest. We also maintain the map of tiger movement which helps in finding their locations in the forest. Personal 4x4 air conditioned vehicle for transfers between the parks & cities connecting them.

Food & Drinks :

The restaurant of the resorts/lodges serve Indian and Continental cuisine. We also have provision to enquire our guests before hand about their food choice or about allergic food , if any. On our train journeys and during long park excursions we will be carrying our picnic food. We will try most of the famous Indian cuisines.


Discover Indian meals with continental touch, fresh lime, exquisite Indian masala (herbal tea) called Chai , fine Indian wines. Candle light dinners under a star strewn sky.