Qtub Minar

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The Qtub Minar is one of the most glorious ' Tower of Victory '. It is a World Heritage monument in India located South of Delhi. Built by Kutb-ud-din Aibak (Axis of the faith ) in the early 13 century. The Qtub Minar is 72.5 m high and consists of five stories , the diameter at the base is 14.32 m and 2.75m at the top. Qtub-u-d-din Aibok build the first three stories and his son in law I-ltutmish embellished these and added a fourth. This is indicated in some of the Persian and Nagri (North Indian) inscriptions which also records that it was twice damaged by lightning in the 1326 and 1368 . While repairing the damage caused by second lighting streak, Firoz Shah Tughluq add a fifth storey and used marble to face the red and buff sandstone. This was the first time contrasting colours were used decoratively, later to become such a feature of Mughal buildings. Firoz's fifth storey was topped by a graceful cupola but this fell down during an earthquake in 1803. A new one was added by Major Robert Smith in 1829, but this was so out of sink with the others that it was removed in 1848 and now stands in the gardens. The original stories are heavily intended with different styles of fluting, alternately round and angular at the bottom, round on the second and angular on the third. The beautifully carved honey comb details beneath the balconies are reminiscent of the Alhambra Place in Spain . The Calligraphy bands are verses from the Koran and praise to its patron builder.

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