Namdapha National Park in India
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Namdapha Tiger Reserve is in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh, spread over an area of 1,850-sq-kms rugged terrain. Perhaps no other national park in the world has a wider altitudinal variation than the Namdapha national park that rises from 200 m to 4,500 m in the snow-capped mountain.

Mammals: It is only park in the World to have the four catlike species namely the Tiger, Leopard , Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) and Clouded Leopard and numbers of lesser cats. A number of primate species are seen in the park, such as Assamese Macaque, pig-tailed Macaque, stump-tailed Macaque and number of the distinctive Hoolock Gibbons, highly endangered and only 'Ape' species found in India dwells in this impenetrable virgin forest. Of the many other important animals are the Elephants, Black Bear, Indian Bison, several species of Deers, reptiles and a variety of arboreal animals.

Bird Life : The bird species are the White winged Wood Ducks, a rare and endangered species; the great Indian Hornbill, Jungle Fowl and Pheasants flop their noisy way through the jungle.

Flora: The beautiful forests possess great bio diversity of Flora. A details study of its species and genetic variation has not yet been thoroughly done. Namdapha is Botanist's dream. There are more than 150 timber species. The Pinus Merkusi and Abies Delavavi are not found elsewhere in India . One of the rarest and endangered orchids, the Blue Vanda found here. The most famous local medicinal plant Mishimi Teeta, which is used by the local tribal for all kinds of diseases, this is available here but its export has been banned.

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