Our mission is to provide our clients with a deep understanding and actual on-the-field knowledge about Indian wildlife. We endeavour to conduct photographic, educational and conservation trips for groups or individuals and put together 'tailor made' travel packages which combine the best of service and expert advice from some of the world's leading conservation organizations and professionals. During our journey together we invite you to share your experience with us and help protect Indian wildlife and encourage socio-cultural growth in rural Indian society.

At present, we are exclusively into wild life conservation and photography related trips. We offer fair deals to the agencies and local communities we visit. We strive to make your journey memorable and financial viable.

Our Objectives and Impression

We have taken part in wildlife studies and conservative activities in India and abroad since 1995 and our endeavour has been to adopt, innovative and modified various approaches. With the passage of time we decided to share this treasure with our visitors and help local communities to sustain conservation development in their surrounding natural habitat.

With our experience in wildlife studies, we realized that there is now a need to link local conservation projects with the demand for 'nature travel'. It is our belief that we need to develop a more fruitful way of sharing the gains from tourism with local communities.

Our aim is to liaise & work in partnership with all international/national wildlife agencies to sponsor wild life conservative trips on wildlife studies/research and wildlife photography in order to help develop local community enterprises. A major aspect of our philosophy is to use tourism to provide local communities with the economic incentives to conserve their surrounding bio-network and culture for the benefit of future generations.




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