Khajuraho-The Greatest masterpieces of Indian Art

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The Chandelle dynasty's temples in the central part of India at Madhya Pradesh are an UNESCO World Heritage Temples, b uilt by the mighty Chandela rulers between the 9th and 10th century AD.

The engravings on these temples are highly sensual and erotic that depicts in graceful form intimate scenes the whole range of human emotions and relationships. These sculptures in stone are congeal and a lyrical paean to love and passion

It's a group of complex of wonderful Hindu and Jain temples. Architecturally, the temples are built in the north Indian Nagara style.

very façade-wall, window, pillar, and ceiling-is carved with figures of mythical and historical origins, and while many of these depict full-breasted, girdle-waited women in forms of innocent play, they also depict carnal love.

chandelle Dynasty's temples Mandhya pradesh