The Great Himalayan National Park
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The Great Himalayan National Park located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh is the largest protected area which is shaped out of the grand mountains terrain. Rich coniferous forests, alpine meadows carpeted with flowers, snow-capped peaks and glaciers provide a breath taking scenery.

The inaccessible Sainj and Tirthan valleys harbor where a variety of animals common to this area are wild mountain goats like the bharal, goral and serow, the brown bear and the predators like the leopard and also the rarely seen snow leopard . Varieties of colorful pheasants - monal, khalij cheer, tragopan and other Himalayan birds are part of its rich avian population. Trekking through the Park to Rakte sar, the origin place of the Sainj River , brings in the further pleasure of seeing wildlife in this impressive natural background.

Important lnformation

Visiting Months - April-June, Sept:- Oct.

Lodging in - Rest Houses

Nearest town - Kullu (60 km)

How to Reach there - Air-Bhuntar (50 km) Road via Aut (30 km short of Kullu)

the great Himalayan N.P. Kullu

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