Fatehpur Sikri

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Fatehpur Sikri is well known all over the world as an UNESCO World Heritage monument. Known as the "City of Victory '' and built in the second half of the 16 th century by the greatest Mughal emperor Akbar.

The monumental 54 m high Buland Darwaza, the Gate of Victory, is the main entrance. It was constructed to commemorate Akbar's victory in Gujarat

It served as Akbar's capital for approximately 12 years. He selected Sikri as the seat of his government believing it to be auspicious for himself. Its architectural style and art expresses the emperors ideals and vision.

Built with red sand stone the carving work is very impressive. There are many Palaces, beautiful mosque like the Jama Masjid , Tomb of Shekh Salim Chishti (Muslim Priest ), the Jodha Bai palace , Birbal's Palace, Khuab Gah (Dream Room), Panch Mahal, etc.

Buland Darwaza