Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

India is a wonderfully vast subcontinent with endless safe and exciting safari travel options, so it's worth planning ahead to ensure that you experience the best.

Q: Where can I stay?
Q: What should I wear?
Q: What should I pack?
Q: What style and type of meals are on offer?
Q: Do you cater for specific diets?
Q: Will I be safe?
Q: What kind of medical precautions do I need to take?
Q: How is travel insurance arranged?
Q: Where can I change currency?
Q: What wildlife photography advice can you give?
Q: What is the weather like?
Q: What is the weather like at Bandhavgarh & Kanha N. P.?
Q: What should I tip?
Q: Can I drink the water?
Q: What & where to eat?
Q: How do I pay?
Q: How can I book a tour to India?
Q: What do I do if I wish to get your Itinerary planned according to my own chosen places?
Q: How does one pay? Is there an advance/deposit required?
Q: What are the different forms of payments that you accept?

Q: Who will receive us at International Airport ?
Q: How much tip to be given to the porters, drivers and the guests?
Q: What is our contact address in India so that it is given to our relative?
Q: How and where can we re-confirm International tickets & will anyone help do it for us?
Q: Do drivers at all places speak in English and whether the same driver receiving us on arrival will be with us throughout?
Q: How much flexibility is there in the itinerary?
Q: What does the cost include?
Q: Do I need to purchase trip insurance?

Q: Once I book my trip, what information and materials will I receive ?

Q1: Where can I stay?

A: There are a wide variety of hotels, small, personalized privately owned properties and five stars in cities to choose from. In the jungles there are excellent lodges well equipped with modern amenities. As for transport there are a range of options to choose from - flights, trains, buses/cars and guided tours at all cities and historical sites. Our professional travel consultants will work with you every step of the way to ensure that all your requirements are catered to.

Q2: What should I wear?

A: You will require comfortable, casual and semi-casual clothes for your safari to India . Please note that bright colors are not suitable for game-viewing and that game-drives are conducted in the early morning and late afternoon which can be cold, especially in winter, so some woolens are advisable during winter.

Q3: What should I pack?

A: Here are some packing suggestions:
Camera (telephoto lens recommended) - use high speed films/slides as most of the action happen in deep forests or in the shade. Most safari's are around dawn & dusk, animals are also most active during these times. Binoculars, Extra batteries, lots of camera never know when the action happens.
Light cotton trousers, Cotton shorts if visiting in summers, Light cotton shirts (long and short sleeved), Comfortable walking shoes, Sandals - are a good & comfortable choice.
Sunhat, Suntan lotion, Insect repellent, and a Small torch.
For winter pack the following extras: Warm jacket, Woolen hat, Scarf and gloves

Q4: What style and type of meals are on offer?

A: All Lodges that tiger expeditions choose are renowned for their delicious Indian cuisine - fresh ingredients, simply prepared with a distinct Indian flavor.

Q5: Do you cater for specific diets?

A: Yes, all dietary requirements will be catered to. When making your Reservation, please advise us of any specific dietary requirements that you may have, and these will be communicated immediately to the places where you will be staying.

Q6: Will I be safe?

A: Guest safety is of paramount importance and even though India is a safe destination, it is wise to take certain standard security precautions. Please carry a photo-copy of your passport number, airline tickets and travelers cheques, and ensure that the originals of these items are kept in a safe place. Make use of your hotel safety deposit boxes for any expensive items and never leave baggage or personal items unattended to especially at airports/railway stations.

Q7: What kind of medical precautions do I need to take?

A: Medical insurance is recommended and vaccinations are advised for Hepatites, Typhoid and Tetanus. A course of anti-malaria (e.g. Proguanil or Paludrine plus Chloroquine) is also strongly recommended. Please contact your local doctor for advice.

Q8: How is travel insurance arranged?

A: Emergency medical evacuation insurance is included in the rate at all tiger expeditions' trips. Please note that this insurance covers cost of evacuation to the nearest suitable hospital but does not replace normal travel insurance. Please ensure that you arrange your own insurance for personal effects, personal accident, medical travel expenses, baggage, cancellation and curtailment prior to your arrival.

Q9: Where can I change currency?

A: We provide our guests an amount of Rs.5000 (Indian rupees five thousand) immediately on arrival and shall be handed over to you at the International Airport itself to enable you meet any personal expenditure that you may incur on arrival. This is done to ensure that you do not face any difficulty in currency exchange.
We can also provide exchange into local currency of any amount if requested by any of our guest in advance, this will done as per actual exchange rates prevailing on that day.

Please ensure that you are holding a valid passport with sufficient blank pages for entry stamps in each country visited, and that you apply for visas prior to your departure. It is advisable to check with the Consulate of the country you intend visiting for the latest visa and entry requirements beforehand or contact us and we'll gladly advise you with regard to concerned documentation.

Q10: What wildlife photography advice can you give?

A: Indian safaris offer numerous and excellent photographic opportunities. We recommend that you use a telephoto lens (at least 80-300mm in size) for the photographing birds and game, as well as a wide-angle lens. As most game-drives are in the early morning or late afternoon, high-speed film (200/400 ASA) should be used.
Film and batteries are usually available along major tourist routes, but we advise that you purchase film, bulbs and batteries prior to your departure. A lens hood and ultra-violet filter are advisable and a good bag for your equipment including a dust cover (plastic bag) is essential.

Q11: What is the weather like?

A: Each region usually experiences hot dry summers and cold winters and offer exceptional game viewing opportunities throughout the year. The costal regions have a constant temperature with high relative humidity in the summers; the Hill stations are cool through out the year and can get extremely cold in the winters. Monsoon all over the Indian subcontinent is around July till September.

Q12: What is the weather like at Bandhavgarh & Kanha N. P.?

A: Tropical - hot during the day. Summer (April- June) temperatures can get as high as 43/ 44C, while mornings and evenings are pleasant (18-24C). Night time winter temperatures vary between 02-20C, whereas days are sunny and pleasant (October-March). Rainfall: Heavy in the monsoon season (mid June to September) and average rainfall is 1100 mm.
Best Time to Travel: October to June when game viewing is at its best.

Q13: What should I tip?

A: Tips are not included in the cost of your safari. We recommend you tender small amounts. Your host or guide will provide you with guidelines for tipping if required.

Q14: Can I drink the water?

A: Tap water is not safe to drink in India , but branded bottled water is available every where.

Q15: What & where to eat?

A: All the meals are included in our program and our advise is to - avoid raw vegetables, salads, unpeeled fruit, raw shellfish, local ice cream, or ice cubes. Drink only bottled or purified water.

Q16: How do I pay?

All payments for reservation advances can be made by draft/cheques drawn in favour of 'Tiger Expeditions', payable at Agra. These are to be mailed or sent by courier to the Agra , the address for which is given in our contact page.

When you click on the Book This Tour form available for each offered itinerary, your requirements are updated in our database and based on the information provided to us; we will get back to you through email and confirm your requirements.

Send us an e-mail detailing your specific requirements, the desired places you would like to visit and the duration, the number of people traveling, approximate dates, the city of your arrival, where would you be departing etc. As soon as we have these details from you, we will design a 'tailor made' tour especially for you that suit your requirements and we will send you the 'tailor made itinerary' via e-mail.

30% of the total tour cost should be sent to us as soon as the itinerary, price and the booking has been accepted by us. This is an authorization for us to go ahead with all the Reservations/bookings. However, entire trip cost is to be remitted one month prior to your departure to India.

If payment is through a banker's cheque , the cheque should be made in the name of "TIGER EXPEDITIONS" Payable at Agra and mailed to:-

11/24, Rose Cottage, B.M. Khan, AGRA-2 (INDIA)
Tel: +91 562 2525787

Also send us a copy of the remittance so that our office can pursue the same.

You will be received either by Vivek Sharma, Radhika Sharma or by a representative of Tiger Expeditions.

Tips are dependent of the services provided. A small amount of money can be given at each service to insure prompt and reliable service. For guides, it depends on how informative, knowledgeable and helpful they are.

Our office located on the following address maintains complete track of information about you. You are advised to leave this address with your relatives and friends. TIGER EXPEDITIONS
B.M.KHAN, AGRA-282002
TEL: +91 562 2525787
+91 9557841231

The international and the domestic air sector tickets are reconfirmed by us at no extra cost for the guest's who are booked to travel with us. We even extend this service as a courtesy to other travelers if any assistance is required.

All of our drivers understand English. Please do speak slowly and clearly. We always try to send the same driver at most times however at times that may not be possible.

First we have provision of extension trip which are well planned and viable. So guest can opt these. However, change of site within the itinerary could be done only if permitted under prevailing circumstances for the advantage of wildlife viewing. An itinerary is most likely to be changed in case of Natural calamities or on general strike.

The expedition cost includes all meals, accommodations and excursions as indicated in the itinerary; services of the expert, ground transportation & transfers, Air transfer within India and also entrance fee to parks and monuments in India.

We strongly recommend that you purchase this insurance to protect your travel investment. The Insurance companies cover trip cancellation, interruption, medical expense/emergency evacuation and assistance, and protection for baggage and personal possessions. We are giving below some of the Insurance companies dealing in & providing insurance cover. Campbell Irvine Ltd, Alma House, Reigate, Surrey , RH2 0AX . Web Page: You may also get Travel Insurance done through ICICILOMBARD. Please refer to their Web site for details and online services. There many other Insurance companies like that provides travel insurance online.

No sooner, we receive your signed booking form, we start having correspondence with you through e-mails seeking clarifications on queries from you. However, this process may continue till you arrive into India.