Corbett National Park in India
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Situated in Kumaon hills in Nainital district, with picturesque hilly ridges covered by Sal trees, down hill are grasslands and bamboo forest, park is named after the famous hunter and naturalist, Jim Corbett who recounts many fascinating tales of hunting down man-eating tigers.

Mammals (50 species): tigers , elephants, himalayan palm civet, indian gray mongoose, common otter, blacknaped hare, porcupine, the leopards are mostly found in the hilly terrains of park contrary to the sloth bear, which is found in the lower regions of the park. Also consists of the cat family like leopard cat, jungle cat and fishing cat. The dole or wild dog and jackal are found in the southern parts of the national park other creatures are the langur, rhesus monkeys, Chital, Sambhar, barking and hog deer.

Birds Life: 585species are reported - about half of the total species found in the entire Indian subcontinent! You can see parakeets, owls, orioles, drongos, thrushes, babblers, bulbuls, cuckoos, doves, bee eaters, rollers, flycatchers, warblers, robins, chats, finches, forktails, hornbills, kingfishers and good place for observing birds of prey.

Park forms a natural crossroad and meeting ground for avian species from high altitude (himalayan)areas, plains and eastern and western regions.

Reptiles and Amphibians : 35 species with two varieties of crocodile that is long snouted gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) and mugger (Crocodilus palustris) - on the banks of ramganga river, king cobra, Common krait, Russel viper, Python and Monitor lizard.

Pisces: Barbus tor, Barbus Chilinoides, Labeo calabasu, Oxygastro bacaila,

7 species includes two varieties of crocodile that is long snouted gharial and mugger - on the banks of ramganga river.

Due to biogeographic diversity, the Park is a natural haven for the flora and fauna of the plains, the sub mountainous regions and high altitude areas of mixed woodland that spans the outer Himalayas.

At the lower level are winding strips of alluvial grasslands or chaurs (beloved to many species of deer) crossed by numerous watercourses. The lifeline of the Park is the sparkling Ramganga river which provides safe harbor to mahaseer fish, crocodile and otter. Stately stands of sal and diverse mixed forest cover hills and valleys, fodder and foliage for large herds of elephants (about 300 plus Asiatic elephants). Sharp spurs in the terrain make it an idyllic habitat for shy species like the tiger.

Safari's mode: Elephant/4x4 Jeep Safari : Elephant and Jeep Safari is the most convenient mode to sight the Corbett national park.
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