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Corbett National Park

Situated in Kumaon hills in Nainital district, with picturesque hilly ridges covered by Sal trees, down hill are grasslands and bamboo forest, park is named after the famous hunter and naturalist, Jim Corbett who recounts many fascinating tales of hunting down man-eating tigers.

Bharatpur National Park

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Keoladeo Ghana National Park is also known as a man made sanctuary. The Maharaja of Bharatpur made an artificial lake and the dam at this very site to store the water brought by the annual floods in this area in the year 1760 .While many of India's parks have been developed from the hunting pReservees of princely India. This bird's sanctuary, popularly known as Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, is perhaps the only case where the habitat for indigenous and migratory birds has been created by a Maharaja. In the time previous to this Bird Sanctury, Bharatpur town of Rajasthan used to be flooded regularly every monsoon. Hence, an earthen dam (Ajan Dam) was constructed, to save the town, from this annual vagary of nature. The creations was made by extraction of soil for the dam and subsequently it became the Bharatpur Lake initially and later known as Bhartpur Bird Sanctuary where now over 300 species of birds are found in this sanctuary .

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is also called Tiger Land covering about 1940 sq km area located in the Mandla State of Madhya Pradesh. The park was created in 1955 by a special law and since then it has dedicated itself to pReserveing wildlife, saving many endangered species in the process. In 1974, it got the status of a tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger Scheme. This National Park owes thick vegetation in kinds of sal trees and bamboo forests and grasslands.

Bhadhavgarh National Park
It is a compact area national park situated in District - Umaria of Madhya Pradesh but full of game, having the highest tiger density in stretched over 448 sq kms is part of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve with the total area of 1161 square Kilometers. Biologically one of the most diverse tiger habitats with variety of ecosystems.

Bird Sal trees

Keoladeo Ghana National Park